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 Steam News: Half-Life 1: Source Deathmatch

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PostSubject: Steam News: Half-Life 1: Source Deathmatch   Mon Mar 24, 2008 10:56 am

Fixed a very common HL1MP crash bug in the gauss gun
Added Resume Game/Disconnect/Player List options to the main menu
Added files necessary to make spectator work
Fixed scoreboard
Fixed missing flesh_break1.wav file (used a physics sound from hl2)
Fixed missing target ID and voice status icons
Report the weapon used to kill someone
Made zoom_sensitivity_ratio default to 0.3
If mp_teamplay is 0, report "Deathmatch" to master server instead of "Teamplay"
Fixed busted mp_teamlist using ; as a separator which can't be typed into the console
Tracks team scores with mp_teamplay 1 so mp_fraglimit causes round to end correctly
Fixed automatically dying when spawning in with mp_teamplay 1
Fixed crossbow not zooming underwater
Allow zoom/unzoom of .357 underwater
Added cl_autowepswitch
Fixed sv_alltalk
Fixed game_text (and hud messages in general) not showing up


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Steam News: Half-Life 1: Source Deathmatch
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