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 [Upgrade] Forum Ranks

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|CC| Administrator
|CC| Administrator

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[Upgrade] Forum Ranks Empty
PostSubject: [Upgrade] Forum Ranks   [Upgrade] Forum Ranks Icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2008 2:08 pm

I decided we will use the same ranks that we had on our old Forum.
(1 post) Newbie - [Upgrade] Forum Ranks Pq20jeKS
(10 posts) Junior Member - [Upgrade] Forum Ranks AVBOU9S
(25 posts) Active Member - [Upgrade] Forum Ranks Pq20jNFS
(40 posts) Forum Scout - [Upgrade] Forum Ranks AVBQ7ui
(70 posts) Forum Addict - [Upgrade] Forum Ranks AVBQrrr
(100 posts) Forum Elite - [Upgrade] Forum Ranks AVBQyVS
(150 posts) V.I.P - [Upgrade] Forum Ranks Pq20k6D0
Special Ranks :
|CC| Member - curently has no image
|CC| Moderator - [Upgrade] Forum Ranks AVBRlOJ
|CC| Administrator - [Upgrade] Forum Ranks AVBRyhr
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[Upgrade] Forum Ranks
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